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Introducing SHrNTM

The most immunodeficient hairless model available.

With a level of immunodeficiency that goes beyond other traditional hairless SCID mice, the SHrN brings a new option to oncology and immunology researchers. With no need to shave the model, you’ll save time and effort in the lab.
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Many of the world’s top chemical, agrochemical and human and animal health product developers rely on Harlan CRS’ hard work because we provide exceptional scientific expertise paired with remarkable client service — our job is to make yours easier.

Innovatively designed for biomedical research. Teklad diets reduce, rather than introduce, variation.

By combining fixed formulation with rigorous ingredient control, Teklad Global Diets® minimize the variation in nutrient and non-nutrient levels, meaning more consistent research results for you. Learn more...

SHrN Mouse Teklad Global Diets