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Rodent Diets

Teklad Rodent Diets are natural-ingredient diets specifically formulated to provide the proper balance of all known nutrients considered essential for the growth, maintenance, and reproduction of rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters. These diets conform to the nutrient requirements for rodents established by the National Research Council (1995). 

Diets within the traditional line vary in ingredient and nutrient composition to accommodate differences in nutrient requirements resulting from the rodent's stage of growth or reproduction, the strain of the rodent, and/or the influences of experimental stress.

While traditional rodent diets will supply the known nutrient needs of laboratory animals, we recommend that researchers consider the use of a Global Rodent Diet.

Teklad Rodent Diets provide uniform nutrition. They are fixed-formula diets designed to minimize the nutrient variances which otherwise could occur if the ingredient composition of a diet were altered from one batch to the next.

Protein is supplied primarily by plant sources. Supplemental amino acids are added to provide the proper amount and balance of essential amino acids. All rodent diets are fortified with vitamins and minerals to help support the regulation of body fluids and the proper functioning of body systems to ensure the adequate growth, maintenance, and reproduction of research rodents. Autoclavable diets are supplemented with additional vitamins to compensate for losses that occur during autoclaving. Since our diets are nutritionally complete and balanced, it is not necessary to add dietary supplements.

Shelf Life - The recommended shelf life for Teklad Rodent Diets is six months from the date of manufacture. Shelf life may be affected by storage conditions. Optimum shelf life can be achieved by storing the diets in a cool, dry, pest-free area away from hazardous materials.

Feeding Directions - Teklad Animal Diets are complete diets for rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters, which should be allowed ad libitum access to the diet. Fresh water should be available at all times.


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