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8604 Teklad Rodent Diet

Product Description
8604 Teklad Rodent Diet is a fixed formula, non-autoclavable diet manufactured with high quality ingredients and designed to support gestation, lactation, and growth of rodents. Typical isoflavone concentrations (daidzein + genistein aglycone equivalents) range from 350 to 650 mg/kg. For a similar autoclavable diet, refer to 8656.  Also available certified (8728C) and irradiated (8904).

Download 8604 Data Sheet

Information about Traditional Diets data sheet update October 2010.

Macronutrient Information*
8604 Teklad Rodent Diet
Crude Protein24.3%
Fat (ether extract)4.7%
Crude Fiber4.0%
Energy Density3.0 kcal/g
Calories from Protein32%
Calories from Fat14%
Calories from Carbohydrate54%







*Data are compiled from published values and direct analytical testing.  Nutrient values may vary due to the natural variation in the ingredients and analysis.


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