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Contract Breeding Services

Harlan Laboratories has performed Contract Breeding Services – rederivation, embyro cryopreservation, sperm-freezing, revitalization, genotyping, contract breeding & maintenance, and speed congenics – for many years. Originally developed to support our internal breeding operations, we began providing these services to customers. Experience gained through these customer engagements and our continuous investment in capabilities, facilities, and personnel, have enabled us to refine and formalize a comprehensive set of contract breeding service offerings.


For situations in which it is not practical for you to breed and maintain your (rederived) colonies within your own facility, Harlan provides colony breeding and maintenance services. ► Read More


Whether you are studying animal models of disease, tumor cell lines, embryonic stem cell lines, or other tissue models, Harlan Laboratories’ Genetic Testing program has a wide variety of services to help you facilitate the discovery process. ► Read More


This procedure is used to establish a small cohort of specific pathogen free animals from cryopreserved material (embryos or sperm). Harlan offers several revitalisation options similar to our (speed) rederivation program. ► Read More


Embryo and sperm cryopreservation provides a means to permanently preserve the genetic integrity of an animal colony. It also provides a cost effective means to safeguard your valuable model lines in the event of a catastrophic colony disaster. ► Read More


Rederivation is a procedure used to establish pathogen free animals and to improve the overall animal health status of a colony. Harlan uses embryo transfer or caesarean section to generate small cohorts of pups. ► Read More


Harlan Laboratories Speed Congenic program provides genetic testing services using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panels for characterizing and selecting breeders from a wide variety of inbred mouse strains used in the generation of congenic animals. ► Read More