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SAM (Senescence Accelerated Mice) Inbred Mice

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Country of Origin(Select One)

This strain is under consideration for maintenance and cryopreserved repository.

SAM models were developed from AKR/J by Kyoto University. Five litters with severe senescense were selected to further propogate and examine these characteristics. Litters that showed normal aging were selected as a senescence-resistant series (R-series). The genetic background of the SAM mice bacame suspect after the pathological findings were different from the AKR/J mouse. Each SAM model is genetically different. Each SAM colony was acquired by Harlan by Takeda Chemical Ltd. in 2002.

Health Monitoring Reports
Location Report
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  • Albino

Research Use

  • Accelerated senescence studies
  • Geriatric pathogenesis
  • Senile amyloidosis (apolipoprotein A-II)
  • Hearing impairment
  • Emotional disorders
  • General purpose model
  • Aging process
  • Age-dependent disorders
  • Senile osteoporosis
  • Hyperinflation of the lungs
  • Deficits in learning and memory
  • Brain atrophy
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