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Sprague Dawley® Outbred Rat

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Country of Origin(Select One)

Originated by the Sprague-Dawley Company, Madison, Wisconsin, in 1925 through a series of crosses begun with a single-hooded male and six albino females of unknown origin. Current Harlan Laboratories' colonies are direct descendants of this original colony.

DownloadGrowth Curve
Sprague Dawley Outbred Rat - US
Health Monitoring Reports
Location Report
Dublin, VA - 231 Download PDF
Frederick, MD - 208A Download PDF
Haslett, MI - 206 Download PDF
Houston, TX - 211 Download PDF
Indianapolis, IN - 202A Download PDF
Indianapolis, IN - 202C Download PDF
Indianapolis, IN - 217 Download PDF
Livermore, CA - 237 Download PDF
Livermore, CA - 239 Download PDF
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  • Coat: Albino
  • Most widely-used outbred rat in animal research
  • Litter average: 11.0
  • Docile disposition
  • Excellent reproductive performance and maternal characteristics

Research Use

  • Toxicology
  • Aging
  • Teratology
  • Oncology
  • Nutrition
  • Diet-induced obesity
  • General studies
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